Their future begins now…

…with your focus and commitment to a plan.

The Time to Act is Now

Use the American Rescue Plan to Give Them a Bright Future

The American Rescue Plan is the largest ever one-time investment for Native Communities. Is your Tribe prepared to make the best use of the money? Consider this:


What are the highest priorities of your Tribe?


How can this be used to revitalize your Tribal Economy?


How do you balance the demands of today, while setting a direction for the future?


How can you maximize this opportunity to have a lasting impact on the next 7 generations?

Blue Stone Recovery Allocation Planning

As a native owned and managed company, we understand the gravity of your role in leading your Tribe. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stabilize your economy and prepare for future growth must be carefully directed to maximize the funds for each member of your community, now and in the future.

Let our project managers and Tribal Advisors help you leverage the ARP to the fullest. We will help tribal leadership identify priorities, engage your community, and carry out your plans so that your sovereignty and self-sufficiency is ensured for generations to come.


What are the highest priorities of your Tribe?

Align Your Tribe’s Priorities

Helping your leadership and community align on short-term and mid-term goals is the first step in our process.

  • Stabilizing your Economy
  • Strengthen your Government
  • Individual & Community Public Health
  • Workforce Development & Human Resource Needs
  • Housing Growth Plan
  • General Welfare Support


How can this be used to revitalize your Tribal Economy?

Pinpoint Funding for Each Priority

The federal government has allocated funding that is specific for each need. We will help you identify the funding to pay for the initiatives, priorities, implementation, and reporting requirements of your Tribe.


How do you balance the demands of today, while setting a direction for the future?

Create an Action Plan

Our team of Tribal Leadership Advisors and Indian Country Experts will guide you through the process

  • Capacity Building — Equip, train, and organize your community
  • Sequencing — Timeline for Implementation
  • Project Management


How can you ensure your plans become reality?

Implement & Support the Action Plan

Our job isn’t finished until the Action Plan is put into use. Our team of Indian Country Experts and Tribal Leadership Advisors is dedicated to help you get things done.

You have proven your resilience…

…now is the time to rebuild.

The American Rescue Plan Act — The Details

While our planning sessions identify exactly what your community needs, we are prepared to help you with the services outlined by the federal government.

$20 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund

$6+ billion for Native health systems

$1.248 billion for HUD Tribal & Native Hawaiian housing programs

$1.1+ billion for education programs

$1+ billion for Native families

$900 million for Bureau of Indian Affairs programs

$19 million to combat domestic violence

$600 million for critical economic and infrastructure investments

$20 million to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Native languages

Blue Stone stands with you…

We are here to support as you move forward.